Fees & FAQs


Below is how our loan centres apply their charges to your loan.

  • 1% per month collateral, 1.5% per month without collateral.
  • 12% per year collateral, 18% per year without collateral.

Default Payment
All Legal fees and any others expenses incurred to recover the loan amount , interest , late fees and any other charges as stated in our loan agreement will be fully borne by the Borrower &/or the Surety.


1. How can i apply?
– You can apply online or walk in to our office.

2. What document should i bring?
– Please visit our eligibility for required documents.

3.What if i can’t go within your operating hours?
Do make an appointment with us for our loan officer to wait for you.

4. Do i need any guarantor?
– No, You do not need any guarantor to apply loan with us.

5. Can i Reloan after i payoff my loan?
– Yes, Please call us and we will serve you right away. We will grant you another loan, provided you are eligible at the time of application subject to rule and regulations of moneylender’s act.

6. Do you collect any upfront administration or application fee?
– No, We do not collect any upfront fee.

7. If i had bad credit rating, can i still apply?
– Yes, We will customize with a loan packages that best suit your needs and circumstances.

8. What are the different mode of schemes available?
– We have a variety of loan plans such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly installment plans.

9. Can you courier the loan agreement and let me sign out of your office?
– No. All loan agreement are only allow to be signed in our register office.

10. How much can i loan?
– We will advice accordingly to the loan packages you are interested in, provided you are eligible at the time of application subject to rule and regulations of moneylender’s act.

11. How fast can i get my cash after signing the loan agreement in your office?
– Instant Cash will be given after you signed the loan agreement in our register office.

12. Am i eligible for the loan if i am a discharged bankruptcy?
– Yes, as loan as you had discharged from bankruptcy.

** Implications of Non Payment:
If you do not pay the repayments on your scheduled collection dates continuously:

1. The Lender has the right to issue a Default Notice for missing scheduled repayments, with all extra interests borne by the Borrower.

2. The Lender can appoint a Third Party Debt Collector, Law Enforcers or Legal Institutions to take action as part of the collection process.

3. Interest will still be charged at the rate stated in terms and conditions, before and after any Court Judgment, from the date payment is due until the date that payment is made in full.

4. Costs incurred from enforcement of Court Judgment, either “Attachment of Earnings Order”or “Warrant of Executions”, will be added to the total amount repayable by the Borrower.

* Credit One reserve the rights to amend any of the Terms & Conditions without any Prior Notice.